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Big Ten Recruiting 2017-2020

“Stars don’t matter.” This is a common phrase uttered by many around signing day. Guys like JJ Watt and Le’Veon Bell are some of the top examples. I am not one of those people that think this way. While stars aren’t everything, and walk-ons have a long history of making an impact in college football, having more talent on a roster is the quickest way to more wins. To judge talent levels around the Big Ten, I decided to look at the top 85 recruits each program signed in the last four years (only two years for JUCO signees). These are approximate rankings as they do not consider transfers in and out of each program. This also doesn’t consider players who left early for the NFL such as Chase Young. The main idea is to approximate the talent level of each Big Ten program in 2020.

Ohio State has always dominated Big Ten recruiting. However, the extent to which Ohio State dominated still surprised me. Since 2017, Ohio State has signed 13 five-star recruits. The rest of the Big Ten has sig…

Husker Recuriting Since 2004

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With the 2020 recruiting cycle wrapping up, I wanted to look at how each coach since 2004 stacked up in terms of bringing talent to Lincoln. I decided to plot each coach’s top 75 recruits over his time at Nebraska. This method favors Bo Pelini as he brought seven classes into Lincoln. Bill Callahan, Mike Riley, and, so far, Scott Frost have all brought fewer than four classes. I left Frank Solich out of this analysis as I only had reliable recruiting dating for his 2002 and 2003 classes.

All four coaches brought in similar top 20 guys. Callahan was a premier recruiter of top end talent. Four of the top eight Husker’s signees since 2004 were signed by Callahan: Marlon Lucky, Ndamukong Suh, Cortney Grixby, and Lydon Murtha. Marlon Lucky is the lone five-star recruit of this era of Huskers football.

After the top 20, things start to differ for all the coaches. Callahan and Riley both struggled to bring good talent for depth. From the graph, Pelini seemingly was ab…