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Just How Special is the Huskers Returning Trio?

There’s no doubt that Adrian Martinez, Maurice Washington, and JD Spielman are an impressive returning core. But just how rare is it to bring back a trio like this? Since 2010, only seven Power 5 teams have had players put up the kinds of numbers that the Huskers trio has while returning the next season. All seven teams had a better first season than the Huskers in 2018. However, most had similar performance in the second season as in the first. For this exercise I looked for teams returning a QB with 2500+ yards passing along with 500+ yards rushing, a RB with 400+ yards rushing, and a WR with 800+ yards receiving.
2010 (7-6) to 2011 (6-7) Northwestern Players: QB Dan Persa, RB Mike Trumpy, WR Jeremy EbertBoth of these Northwestern teams are the worst performers on the list. Northwestern’s offense improved from 390 YPG to 420 YPG in 2011. However, some bad fortune plagued the trio with Trumpy only appearing in three games due to a torn ACL. Persa saw a slight decline in his producti…