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Big Ten School Offer Maps

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Big Ten Recruiting Overview - June 2019

I want to further my look at Nebraska’s early recruiting strategy for 2020 by comparing the Husker’s efforts to those around the Big Ten. I am in no way a recruiting expert (nor do I even follow very closely outside of seeing what Nebraska’s biggest needs are in season). I am writing this to look at the macro trends of recruiting across the conference. This is a follow up to my piece last week looking specifically at Nebraska. The data for this analysis comes from

I mentioned last week how Nebraska had already made over 400 offers. The next closest school, Rutgers, has only made 337 offers through June 18. Purdue and Michigan come close with 335 and 325 respectively. Unsurprisingly, Northwestern has made the fewest offers with only 60. Our closest neighbor, Iowa, has made the second fewest offers with 128. Across the entire conference, the average number of offers is 240 per school.
The Huskers large class of offers could pay dividends in the future even if it does not y…